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The province of Verona’s calling card features two thousand years of history and a range of almost unique environments, making it an ideal destination for any season. Immerse yourself in the past by strolling round the city or nearby villages, savouring a variety of historical periods from Roman times to the Barbarian invasions and the legacies of the reigns of the Scaliger family, the Venetians and the Austrians. You will be struck by the ever-changing variety of sensational landscapes, from mountains to hills and plains and from the shores of Lake Garda to the banks of the river Adige.


There are thousands of things to do in the Verona area in terms of art, history, culture, nature, sport and food and wine. It is the latter sector that heads the list of excellence in the area with red Valpolicella wines including Recioto and Amarone and white wines from the Soave area, with tastings in opulent aristocratic villas rising above large expanses of vineyards or in winemakers’ cellars in the area. The Veronese Plain has a discrete melancholic charm with age-old rural traditions to be found along the stately course of the river Adige throughout the cycle of seasons. Here, where vivid autumn colours are hidden by the first fog of the year, you can see for yourself the cultivation of rice, the prince of the plain, and take a step back into the past with the Pila Vecia, a large device for rice husking. Take a stroll through the narrow streets of the historical centre of Verona to discover old osterie with a thousand stories to tell.


Lovers of history and art will come face to face with a gem at every step in Verona, a World Heritage Site. The most suggestive and important open-air theatre on the international scene, the Arena di Verona, plays host to the almost century-old Festival of Opera, as well as pop, rock and jazz concerts, while the historical Accademia Filarmonica hosts an annual winter classical music and ballet season. The Roman Theatre is the prestigious setting for theatre seasons featuring classics (Shakespeare and Goldoni) and contemporary Italian and foreign works, as well as modern dance. Finally, permanent and temporary exhibitions are held in the gallery of modern and contemporary art, Palazzo Forti, the recently restored Palazzo della Ragione, the Castelvecchio museum and the International Photography Centre, located at a Roman archaeological site. Then of course there are all the places associated with Romeo and Juliet and Cangrande della Scala, Lord of Verona, and all the city’s monuments and squares.


Lovers of sport and active holidays will find the best routes for hiking, mountain biking and horse-riding in the deep green valleys and plateaus of the Lessinia Regional Nature Park, set up to safeguard the priceless heritage of the mountains around Verona in terms of landscape, geology, prehistory, ethnography and culture. Besides Lessinia with its typical stone roofs, sport is also widely available at the enchanting setting of Lake Garda, with its magnificent 50-kilometre Olive Riviera dotted with charming characteristic colourful villages on the lower slopes of the imposing Monte Baldo mountain range. An honourable mention also goes to the river Adige, where rafting trips under the numerous bridges in Verona offer a new perspective on the city and help rediscover the role the river played in the past.


All the ingredients are in place for an unforgettable trip, whether you try out just one or all of the aspects of a city and surrounding area which have so much to offer.


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